Monday, March 9, 2009

Stuff in the last month

The last month or so has been busy, busy, busy.  My class still seems to be going well, but the mid term is coming soon, so all could change.  I was very excited to take my class to Central Park to conduct a natural observation on squirrel foraging behavior.  I was excited by this outing though my students, not so much.  "Apparently", they have all lived in NYC for some time and have visited the park many times, particularly when it is warmer than 22 degrees with a 9 degree (F) wind chill.

The weather has been getting gradually warmer with a few brief setbacks.  We have forgotten that winter is an actual season in the northeast lasting for more than a couple of weeks as it tends to be in Austin.  After experiencing some beautiful spring-like days we had a snowstorm just over a week ago.  Emma and I went to play in Central Park in the 8+ inches of snow and had a blast.  Then this past Saturday it was 70 degrees.  Oh spring, you taunt me so!  Today, it's 42 and rainy.  Oh well . . . 

And lastly, we've finally had a celebrity sighting!  On Saturday we went to see "The Composer is Dead" by Lemony Snicket at Carnegie Hall.  We decided to have lunch at our favorite NYC Eatery, Angelo's on west 57th (almost directly across from Carnegie Hall) before the concert to have some "pie".  As we were preparing to leave, Martin Scorcese and wife (his, not mine) walk out of Angelo's right past us.  How cool is that?  Who might we see next?

By the way, I should also mention that Carnegie Hall is a very cool place.  The sound is fantastic and most every seat is good.  The chairs are quite comfortable too!