Saturday, January 23, 2010

May I see your ID?

After a delightful day at MOMA to take in the Tim Burton exhibition I thought a nice cold one was in order. So I stopped by my local Duane Reade to pick up some Sam Adams this evening. I walked up to the counter with my purchase and the nice young female cashier looked at me and asked me my date of birth. I must say that I was indeed stunned. I could feel my brain sputtering and trying to muster a response. Was she just messing with me? I'm probably twice her age or, let's say old enough to be her father.

Apparently the cashier also noticed my pause, so she asked me for my ID. I was unable to restrain my response: "Are you carding me?" She looked quite serious and said, "Yes." I told her I could not recall the last time I was carded for a purchase of alcohol. I supplied my ID and restrained the laugh that was desperately trying to burst to life. I'm glad I did not laugh because I probably would have looked like I had no business buying more beer, and, after all, I really wanted the beer.

She returned my ID and rang up the purchase. At the conclusion of the transaction I said to her that I still could not believe she carded me. To which she said "You look very young." I gave her my best look of "jovial suspicion" and told her I was married. I smiled and left for the apartment which is a three minute walk from Duane Reade. I have to admit I rehashed the entire interaction the whole way home. Once home, I relayed the story to Kathy and Emma who both seemed as surprised as me about being carded.

I especially wanted Emma to hear the story because she thinks I'm "so old" and so that she will think twice the next time she wants to hurl her usual taunts at me that feature such phrases as "You can't catch me old man" or "Bring it on grandpa". She thinks she's so funny . . . . So short story long, I shall start using more moisturizer on my face or ramp up my alcohol purchasing at Duane Reade. I haven't decided which it will be.

May I see your ID? Yeah, right . . . .

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

And so a new year begins . . . .

2009 was our "year of change" and change we did. Admittedly, I'm not always quick to take to change (unless I see the immediate advantages for me) but in late 2008 Kathy was accepted for her Pain and Palliative Care Fellowship in NYC and we, as a family, decided to make (very big) change and head to NYC. We understood how important this was to Kathy (and our family) so we shed our "stuff", including our cars and home, and opted for a much simpler life in the largest city in the U.S. We also knew that many of our friends and family thought we had clearly lost our minds, but we undertook this move with a clear understanding of what we were doing.

We decided that we would be open to change no matter what. Kathy and Emma are much better with change than I have been but I thought I could get the hang of it (eventually) again. I must say I could not be happier to have accepted this challenge. It has been wonderful to see how both Kathy and Emma have blossomed over the course of the past year. I am incredibly proud of both of them! Kathy seems to excel at everything and far and away is the brains of this outfit! Emma is definitely Emma! I hope to be able to navigate the NYC subway system half as well as her by the end of 2010. And although I may just be a smidge biased, she is a great kid! She beams with joy and makes her parents so incredibly proud we can hardly stand it (but, of course, we will!).

I too, have changed. I shaved the facial hair and have grown out the meager follicles that still and somewhat reluctantly reside atop my cranium. So, I've posted a new picture for the new year. I have made some new friendships, learned my way around (mostly) the area and generally seem to be "blending". I am also surprised by how much I have fallen for this city. As I have said before, I "get" this city. I still can't believe I get to take my students to Central Park for class or that I see the Chrysler and Empire State buildings everyday. The United Nations Building is just to our south and we're at Rockefeller Center all the time. I don't get tired of seeing the Statue of Liberty and the weight of feelings that occur upon seeing the World Trade Center site don't lessen with each visit. Times Square and Broadway really are something else! I feel like a "permanent tourist". I never thought I would feel this way.

So yes, our year of change has been a very good thing! I am very glad we took this plunge. We've decided to make 2010 our "second year of change." So, here's to change! I wish you a happy and healthy new year in 2010!