Sunday, February 8, 2009

One month anniversary in NYC

It's almost hard to believe that we have been in NYC for a whole month, but alas, we have.  We seemed to finally be settling in to some kind of routine, and now trying to get caught up on all sorts of "stuff"  that has taken a back seat to getting established here.

So after a month, I have realized that I can generally find may way around town using the subway system.  However, I continue to be perplexed by recognizing north, south, east, and west once I emerge from the underground world.  Eventually I will figure this out.  Also, my big discovery is that the #6 line is woefully overcrowded and is a real cattle experience.  Almost all aspects of my personal space were violated.  But that is a story for another day.

Teaching seems to be going well.  Hunter College is a fascinating, funky place.  I wonder if all those students know what a great place they are attending?  College in the middle of NYC!  The Psychology department is full of amazing people.  I am very excited to be taking my class to Central Park for a class on Naturalistic Observation.  I'm not certain that my students are as excited about this trip as I am.  Something about it being "winter".

We continue to find new and wonderful restaurants, receive many recommendations for cool adventures in the city, and meet new people.  And although we know this is not going to hold true everywhere in NYC, the people we have been meeting are absolutely wonderful.  This is a wonderful "world" city.  There is a little bit of everyplace here.  Just wish is wasn't so darn expensive.

So today, finds Kathy "on call" and Emma and I heading to Chelsea Piers for some ice skating (Emma, not me).  Yes, I can ice skate.  I just have trouble with the whole stopping, turning,and  staying away from situations that could require use of our health insurance and rehabilitation.  As I get older, all my activities are previewed through the lens of whether or not I could be injured and require lengthy periods healthcare.  

On a final note, Jayson at "Flyover" recently posted a very thorough account of our expedition from Austin to NYC.  If you're interested in that information you can read his account of Monday Feb 2, 2009 "NY, NY it's a hellava town"

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